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Green Concrete Startup ECOncrete Wins Pitch to Rich Event in Tel Aviv

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/// CTECH  24.10.2019

Green Concrete Startup ECOncrete Wins Pitch to Rich Event in Tel Aviv

Five Israeli entrepreneurs pitched their startups to Virgin Group’s Sir Richard Branson on Thursday as part of Virgin Atlantic and Calcalist's Business Is an Adventure conference in Tel Aviv


Pitch to Rich

Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is bursting with entrepreneurs and it was great to hear some of their best new ideas in Virgin Atlantic’s Pitch to Rich competition. Five start-ups got the chance to pitch their idea to me for the chance to win a place on a Virgin StartUp course, flights to London and mentoring time.


REPORTAGE | An Israeli start-up invents the first 100% natural yoghurt, without dairy or soy

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Yofix releases dairy-free yogurt line containing probiotic cultures


Yofix Probiotics, the Israeli start-up which last week was awarded €100,000 through PepsiCo’s European Nutrition Greenhouse, has launched its first dairy-free yogurt line with probiotic cultures.


PepsiCo start-up program: Israeli dairy alternative innovator secures top prize

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Israel-based start-up, Yofix, one of the ten finalists in PepsiCo’s European Nutrition Greenhouse program, has been awarded the final €100,000 grant (US$114,000) following a six-month journey. Yofix, which makes clean label plant-based fermented dairy alternatives impressed PepsiCo’s selection committee with its launch and retail growth during the program.


Yofix wins 100,000 euros through PepsiCo’s Nutrition Greenhouse

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/// FOODBEV MEDIA 9.01.19

Israeli plant-based yogurt maker Yofix, one of the ten finalists in PepsiCo’s European Nutrition Greenhouse programme, has been awarded the final €100,000 grant after “significantly scaling up its operations”.

Yofix, which makes clean-label, plant-based fermented dairy alternatives, impressed PepsiCo’s selection committee with its strategic launch and retail growth during the initiative.

Last year, the start-up was announced – along with nine other breakthrough brands in the food and beverage sector – as a finalist in the second edition of PepsiCo’s Nutrition Greenhouse in Europe.


Yofix emerges as winner of PepsiCo's second European incubator project

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Just Food
/// Just Food  9.01.19

Yofix Probiotics, an Israel-based start-up manufacturing dairy- and soy-free yogurts, has emerged as the winner of the second European incubator programme run by food and drinks giant PepsiCo.

The company was among ten fledgling firms picked to take part in PepsiCo's six-month Nutrition Greenhouse project in July, with each getting an EUR20,000 (US$22,872) grant and mentorship from the conglomerate's executives in corporate structuring, marketing and branding.

PepsiCo said in a statement today (9 January) that its nine-member incubator selection committee was "impressed" by Yofix's "strategic launch and significant retail growth during the programme", and as the winner will be awarded EUR100,000.


PepsiCo awards Yofix €100,000 through European Nutrition Greenhouse Programme

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/// NEW Food  9.01.19

Yofix have been awarded €100,000 through PepsiCo’s European Nutrition Greenhouse Programme, after being given €20,000 to begin the business as a finalist.

Yofix, one of the 10 finalists in PepsiCo’s European Nutrition Greenhouse programme, has been awarded the final €100,000 grant following a six-month journey. The company makes clean-label plant-based fermented dairy alternatives, and impressed PepsiCo’s selection committee with its strategic launch and significant retail growth during the programme.


The Israeli start-up YOFIX won first place in the PepsiCo International Innovation Competition

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/// Food is  9.01.19

The Kitchen, Food Tech Hub, invests in promising projects and helps them penetrate global markets. It is natural that Strauss partners such as Pepsi and others will be part of the exit of these ventures abroad.

The Kitchen of the Strauss Group has faced European start-ups and won a grant of € 100,000


PepsiCo's Nutrition Greenhouse 2018 Final Grant Recipient Announcement

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After a six-month journey with 10 of Europe’s most exciting breakthrough food and drink companies, we are proud to announce the final grant recipient of our 2018 Nutrition Greenhouse program.

/// PEPSICO UK 7.01.19

PepsiCo reveals the ten finalists for its 2018 nutrition greenhouse

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/// FOODBEV MEDIA 16.07.18

Brands of non-alcoholic wine and vegan-friendly drinks capsules are among the start-ups chosen to participate in the second class of PepsiCo’s health and wellness incubator in Europe.

First launched in 2017 to support the next generation of food and beverage entrepreneurs, the PepsiCo nutrition greenhouse programme offers each of the ten participating companies a €20,000 grant, and access to PepsiCo mentors and experts to take their business to the next level.

The incubator, which was announced earlier this year, focuses on nutrition food and beverage products aimed at European consumers with sales of €5 million or less. This year’s finalists were chosen based on their product quality and positioning, with a focus on health and wellness and scalable business model.

One fo the Brands is, Yofix (Israel) – Clean-label vegan and soy-free fermented dairy alternatives.


PepsiCo unveils newest entrants for Europe-wide incubator programme

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Just Food
/// Just Food  16.07.18

PepsiCo has revealed the ten companies that are the second intake for its Nutrition Greenhouse incubator programme in Europe.

Each of the entrants will get a EUR20,000 (US$23,410) grant along with access to the US-based food and drinks giant's executives to help them grow.

PepsiCo said the company that "demonstrates the most scalable and sustainable market approach by the end of the programme will be awarded a EUR100,000 prize to continue its expansion".

PepsiCo's Nutrition Greenhouse focuses on nutrition food and beverage products aimed at European consumers with sales of EUR5m or less. This year's finalists were chosen based on their product quality and positioning, focus on health and wellness and scalable business model. 

Three of the firms are from Israel: A1C Foods, which makes low-carbohydrate food products such as chocolate, bread and ice cream; The Sprouted Grain Company, which produces what it describes as "nutrient-dense" and "easy-to-digest" whole grains, legumes and flours; and Yofix, a maker of clean-label, vegan and soy-free fermented dairy alternatives. 


After the impressive exit: Who will be the next Frutarom?

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/// Globs  9.05.18

Frutarom is not the only company in the field of technology that provides technological solutions to the food industry. • Crackers are made from fruit flies and meat grown from cow cell cultures - start-ups that are going to change what we eat as presented at the Strauss Podcast Conference

At a random time, Strauss's annual foodtech conference was held yesterday, in which 50 different start-ups from the world of foodtech were presented - from crackers with protein from fruit fly products to coffee capsules. 12 of them are start-ups that operate in the incubator of Strauss's (50%) and the Ministry of Economy's Innovation Authority (50%) , which is called The Kitschen Hub.

And who will be the company that will make the next big exit? "It's hard to predict who will be the next star," says Florentz, "We have 12 investments in start-ups, and we still hope that one of them will reach significant activity.

The leading of them, at least in terms of its development, is Yofix, a delicacy made from vegetable proteins and sold in cold storage, unlike the products currently on the market, which has raised a total of NIS 7 million to date. In addition to Strauss's investment through the hub, the company also took part in the rounds of financing, when its total investment, according to close estimates, gives it shares of about 20% in the company. Sources inform "Globes" that an agreement has recently been reached between the Strauss Dairies (which is part of Danone International) to carry out the distribution and trade of the product in Israel, with real intentions to expand in the world market in which Strauss is active.

Not only Frutarom: The Israeli companies that lead the global PodTech revolution - and raised NIS 1 billion

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/// The Marker  7.05.18
The Marker

In 2050, the world will have to feed 9.6 billion people. With hundreds of companies and government support, Israel is poised to lead the global podtech industry, which is harnessing the technology to produce more accessible and healthy food.

Six years ago, Strauss understood that the whole world is moving towards a healthier food that is tailored to the unique needs of every consumer. "The world is going to a place where food companies will not mass-produce, but will tailor food to the weaknesses and strengths of every consumer," Mr. Lessin said. "The food industry will undergo an evolutionary leap and become a launching pad for the pharmaceutical industry - it's not futurism, you see it here and now.

"We have been developing products for individuals who are allergic to lactose or gluten and sugar, and we are developing unique product categories with huge investments and are preparing to respond to trends such as veganism.These days, a marketer, a product from The Kitchen hub in Ashdod, Yofix, a vegetable yoghurt that is not even based on soy - (wich is controversial). "

Israel: Opportunities to "rethink food"

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Process Alimentaire
/// Process Alimentaire  3.05.18

Frutarom in the field of flavor solutions, lycord, carotenoids, or drop in packaging ... Several major players in the global food industry were born in Israel. The country is the world's first country for R & D expenditure, the fifth most innovative country in the world, and the number of incubators in the last three years (see our April issue) Which is scheduled to take place on May 7 in Tel Aviv, with 600 to 800 participants from around the world (entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, suppliers and service organizations) to create multi-national relationships with Israeli start-up companies Nestle, Givaudan, Bühler, Pepsico , Danone and Migros announced their participation.

The Kitchens hub was born three years ago and hosts a dozen companies. This initiative of the Strauss Group (a coffee maker in Israel) has already led and promoted the emergence of Yofix, a company offering probiotic, vegetable, non-dairy yogurt.

Clean Label plant-based dairy alternatives

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