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Selection of publications and articles about the company and our new products

Outside the home dairies: Strauss's start-up delicacy.

This week "Yofix" launched, a new vegan delicacy created at start-up farms. $ 2 million was raised for the development company.

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/// Globs  12.09.17

News for vegans: a delicacy named Yofix has begun to sell. However, the news is not the product's nature, but the fact that, unlike the products that can be found on the shelf, this product is not developed in one of the large food companies - but in the incubator of the food-tech.

This is a start-up that operates in The Kitchen's hub of the Strauss Group and the Innovation Authority, and received funding from Strauss Dairies and a group of private investors totaling $ 2 million in a recently completed round of funding. The round is led by Strauss Dairies, and a global venture capital fund specializing in alternative products for animal products, along with 3 foreign investors. Yofix is the first company to complete two years of development and training in the incubator, and now that it has set up a production plant in the Lower Galilee, it is launching its first product on the market.

EXCLUSIVE: Israeli No-Waste Plant-based Yogurt Yofix Raises $2m Series A

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Agriculture, technology and investment

Israeli plant-based yogurt maker Yofix has raised a $2 million Series A round led by Strauss Health, an Israeli food and beverage manufacturer. Individual investors from the US, UK, and Israel also participated in the round.

/// Agriculture, technology and investment  08.09.17

Tastes from the future

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Yediot Jerusalem
/// Yediot Jerusalem 30.06.17

Advertisements on bread, ice paintings, sweeter sugar and less fattening, yogurt without milk or soy, electronic noses that smell bacteria and especially strong alcoholic ice cream.
A glimpse of the food of the future at the "Pud-Tech" exhibition in the Mahaneh Yehuda market, where Jerusalem companies presented all the innovations that will appear on our table in the future.

The Kitchen FoodTech Hub Preps to Welcome 7th Company as Industry “Leaps Forward” in Israel

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/// Agriculture, technology and investment  26.04.17
Agriculture, technology and investment

"...Foodtech startups apply to the incubator for a period of 18 to 24 months. Startups join one-by-one and receive investment in return for a negotiable equity investment. Investments are typically around $500k but could increase if The Kitchen syndicates out a round to other investors in its network.

Because the incubator operates under the Incubators Program of the Israel Innovation Authority — the new name for the Office of the Chief Scientist, second-round applications will be reviewed by the authority before they’re confirmed.

The Kitchen currently has six companies in the incubator ...."

One of the current companies is:

Yofix Pro-Biotics – a dairy free and soy-free platform for pre-biotic and pro-biotic, fermented foods.

START-UP NATION: Israeli food innovation in action... from micro algae and grasshoppers to chickpea protein

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Plant-based Yogurt... with a cleaner label

So which start-ups made an impression during the trip? The first to catch our eye was Yofix , which is carving out novel territory in the burgeoning plant-based desserts category via a yogurt with a creamy texture without the usual mix of gums, stabilizers and flavors, making for a cleaner label.

Yofix - which secured seed funding from TheKitchen Food Tech Hub - blends oats, lentils, sunflower seeds, probiotics, coconut and sesame seeds to make a yogurt with no added sugar, and is also working on dairy-free ice cream and other products.

Future Food

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Israel Broadcasting Authority Channel 1, News Edition
/// Israel Broadcasting Authority
Channel 1, News Edition 25.03.17

"...How to feed 9 billion people on Earth without destroying it on the way, how to get meat without killing cows, how to make delicious vegan yogurts, and how to improve the microbiological testing of food?
These are some of the questions that concern several scientists around the world. Foodtech is gaining momentum, and here too, Israel is becoming a superpower..." To learn more about YOFIX fast forword to the 42.54 minuet of the video.

FOODTECH: Make a real change in the food industry

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Ynet Economy
/// Ynet Economy 26.12.16

"In a world where food stocks are diminishing and obesity problems are gaining momentum, it is necessary to find innovative solutions. Investing in small start-ups is one way to do it. Get a glimpse of companies trying to change our diets, develop non-animal proteins and protect us from salmonella....

"The first company is called YOFIX, and it develops a platform for food and beverage solutions for probiotic milk, soy or dairy free, which are very healthy products without stabilizers and preservatives with good taste and texture," says Seidman...."

Israel, the cradle of innovation
food & beverage

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May / June 2016

"...YOFIX is dedicated to those suffering from allergies, a probiotic without dairy, made by a mixture of cereals, nuts and seeds. The Research & Product development phase will be soon completed, followed by marketing a pilot survey in Israel. The product contains only natural ingredients and represent a 'clean label'. It has high nutritional contents (High in calcium, fiber, protein and vitamins, low sodium and no cholesterol)...." To read more a bout YOFIX see page 42

Seven brave: food design and innovation of Israeli start-ups

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Design Mate

/// Design Mate   Читать

"...Do you have lactose intolerance and only dream about yogurt? Yofix is a probiotic yogurt without dairy and soy, made from cereals, seeds and nuts. The eco-oriented product is created without any artificial additives, confirms the "Clean Label" sign. Yogurt is also suitable for vegans avoiding dairy products. It has a high content of calcium and proteins, it is rich in vitamins and free of cholesterol. The company plans to release the product to the Israeli market in the first quarter of 2017..."

The Food-Tech incubator approaching vegans

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/// Calcalist 12.07.15

Ronen Lavee, visionary founder of Yofix, had a life long dream to produce a  dairy free product that can be healthy and safe for the lactose intolerant population. Following a rigorous difficult competition with several other competent competitors, he managed to enter Israel's first food tech incubator sponsored by the Chief Scientist and the Ministry of Economics. As part of the incubator, which is located in Ashdod, the Chief Scientist and Strauss will invest NIS 80 million (85%, 15% accordingly), in food technology companies.

Clean Label plant-based dairy alternatives

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